We neither recommend nor endorse any of the products shown. For a complete up-to-date list, you can access the ul.com site, select Standards Certifications from the home page, from that directory select UL Category Code/ Guide Information, enter PWIK or PWIK2 in category code box then select search. Select the companies guide information and it will tell you their products.




SECONDARY GROUND FAULT TRANSFORMERS AND POWER SUPPLIES: Listed transformers and power supplies today are equipped with secondary-circuit ground fault protection. Recognized transformers and power supplies are not required to have secondary-circuit ground fault protection; but can only be used as part of a listed sign. As a result of the NEC code change in 1996, Underwriters Laboratories created and implemented UL 2161 the Standard to test Neon transformers and power supplies. Effective with the adoption of the 1996 code installations of field installed skeleton neon required transformers with secondary circuit ground fault protection. September 1999 UL required all Listed neon signs to have secondary-fault ground protection. The Code and Standard was a direct result of the increase in the number of neon sign fires. Unfortunately, the installation practices were the problem, but since correcting the installation practices were deemed not practicable or possible it was decided to place protection in the transformers and power supplies. Since the field reports determined fire and not shock was the hazard, this allowed for a reasonable control by the trip mechanism. Dealing with high voltage and the capacitance coupling it was determined a half second short to ground of at least 15 ma would be required to trip the product. These requirements are high compared to the normal ground fault required in a bathroom or pool areas; but remember we are dealing with fire and not shock protection. The preceding is a list of the products most commonly used in North America. Since each manufacturer has different installation and service instructions we refer you to their web sites for current information and recommend you print the information for your installation and service personnel on a timely basis.

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