Plastic bushing
(Heyco shown)

Westrim federal bushing
Transco porcelain bushing similar

Casino bushing
(Absko shown)

Paige GTO Cable shown
Standard GTO 5,10,15 (manufacturers numerous) See UL site for complete list
Marking required on the jacket of the GTO cable

With integral sleeving: Westrim GTO Cable shown
Cable must be marked on the jacket “integral sleeve” 

Shown as sign accessory: Neon Power Pro

Westrim shown

Masters shown

Must be used in all wet locations: Transco, Electrobits, Masters (shown), Standard Neo-Lite

Standard Neo-Lite shown (Transco, Westrim not shown) Caps must be used when 1-1/2” clearance cannot be maintained within an enclosure

Enclosure Rated Material:
Atofina Chemicals (Tuffak XL)
GE Plastics (Lexan)
Sheffield Plastics (Hyzod)
Spartech Plastics (Sungard)

Icon Shown: Recognized component face sign material (enclosure rated) is marked for the use and must be installed per the manufacturers installation instructions. Special care must be used when gluing retainer products to the face material

Westrim shown

Boots must be used when installed in a wet location
(Transco not shown)


Westrim's 2-up porcelain receptacles 
(Transco's D-2 not shown)

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