The Neon Installation Guide, a pocket sized visual manual for electrical professionals. Dear Electric Sign Professional:

This neon installation guide is a pocket size document intended to be in every sign mechanics’ toolbox. The document is designed to be a very simple, pictorial representation to help even new apprentices understand the correct and safe manner to install the products shown. The neon installation guide is a work in progress and as new products and procedures become available, they will be added. This web site is designed to support the document live and will feature current, updated products and procedures. It is our hope that this site will be used to trade ideas on field and fire safety situations, new products, and anything that would be helpful in the safe installation of neon.

NSSA wishes to express gratitude to the following:

Thomas P. Kerley, President of Kerley Signs, Inc. who through his 28 years experience in the sign industry recognized the initial need and has worked over the past year creating and developing an easily understood manual for those individuals who are involved in neon installation.

Randy Wright, RKW Consulting, whose technical expertise, which was instrumental in completing this manual, is supported by 38 years in the sign industry, 30 years in the fire service, a 10 year member on the NFPA Code Panel 18 and member on the UL Standards Advisory panels.

Gemini, Inc. and James R. Weinel, its President, for underwriting the printing and production of this manual.

NSSA would also like to thank the members of the Peer Review Committee (see Appendix) and the many product manufacturers who furnished pictures, products, drawings and access for our presentation in the manual.

NSSA is proud to provide this manual to all members of the sign industry.

Russell Hassmann
President, NSSA


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Disclaimer and Proper Use

High voltage, secondary wiring installations, should only be attempted by experienced electrical professionals. This manual is not a how-to guide covering all aspects of high-voltage neon installations. This manual is a visual reference guide used to help avoid common mistakes in secondary wiring. It can also be used as a complement to other materials in learning the basics about definitions, parts, and different types of installations found within the sign industry. This manual should not be relied upon as the sole source of information for high-voltage installations. At the time of printing, we believe the information found within is correct; however, codes and legislation change and that may outdate sections of this visual guide. The publishers or sponsors of this visual guide cannot be held liable for any damages or injury resulting from interpretations, or use of this manual as a basis for electrical installations. Installers of any high-voltage wiring should always conform to the relevant or applicable electrical practices, sign codes, electrical codes or other governing authorities.


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